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GRP(SMC) Sheet

1. GRP Composition Requisites

GRP, Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic, is a composite material that is obtained by mixing thermoplastic low shrinking agent, dispersant,
internal mold releasing agent, hardening agent, filler, pigment, thickener with thermosetting unsaturated polyester resin to produce compound, which will then be mixed with glass fiber stiffener and chemically increasing its property to produce GRP.

2. Property of GRP and its benefit

1) GRP is not only non-adhesive, simple to work with, but it is also clean.
2) GRP can be mounted on high temperature molds, and through high pressure from large hydraulic press,
     it can produce products with subtle surface and high strength.
3) GRP has constant length of glass fiber contents, l-inch fiber, uniform mechanical strength, and high fallibility and fluidity.
4) Surface of GRP is smooth and graceful, and GRP can shorten finishing procedure as it has excellent coating.
5) GRP can easily correct deformities with rib, boss, and insert unlike the traditional use of RFP.
6) GRP can form molds with different thicknesses and has high mechanical strenght.

  • GRP (Composite Material)
    Classification Glass Fiber Content (%)
    15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%
    Tensile Strength 25 38 70 100 150 180
    Bending Strength 80 100 120 170 200 260
    Compression Strength 60 130 140 200 225 240

3. Applied Field

1) Construction material: bathtub, ceiling panel, flashing, washstand, toilet cover, water tank, door, scagliola, septic tank, scagliola, boundary post, etc
2) Electric and electronic product: light bulb case, terminal box, battery case, landpost cover, manhole cover, transformer case, insulator, switch case,
     electric insulator case
3) Commercial vehicle (automobile) material: head lamp, spoiler, fender, grill, engine cover, bumper, spare tire box, tool box, bus air conditioner case,
     bonnet cover, bus exterior material
4) Industrial material: phone booth, satellite antenna, solar power support, swimming pool support, subway entrance foot hold, fire hose case
5) Defense material product: rocket launch pad, helmet, butt plate of a rifle
6) Leisure product: boat, fishing rod
7) Other product: UV curing sheet, winker of aircraft, solar power support

4. GRP Manufacturing Process