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1. Terms of Compliance Before Installment

  • Follow Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency's Guideline for Handling Heavy Products

  • Avoid direct sunlight and rain

  • Check glass damage, scratches, etc. before installment

  • Tools - Tapeline, hammer, square, level, chock, electric drill, protective glasses, silicon, etc.
  • 2. How to install

      1) Check measurements of and install
                   additional doorframe
    • - Install the product after installing additional doorframe
      - Not installing additional doorframe becomes a cause of distortion of
        main doorframe

      - From the doorframe exterior, width: 20mm, height:15mm
      - Diagonal measurement is guaranteed under 5mm
      - If measurements are under recommended values, reinforce before installment
      - Install the door after foam/silicon compeletely dries
      2) Install wwodden chocks
    • - Screw 4 58mm stocks on the wall
      - Refer to the diagram for positions
      - If measurements are over recommended values, reinforce before installment
      3) Check proper installment
    • - Check if the door properly opens and closes / cylinder functions
      - Fill with foam/silicon
      - After it completely dries, do last finishing touches
      4) Protect surfaces while installment
    • - Put on protective covers to prevent scratches and damage by impacts
      - Remove protective covers after finishing installment
      - Utilize product packaging box.
      - Avoid the contact of the product with cement or paints
      5) Install porch and canopy
    • - Required if installed at place easily exposed to direct sunlight or rain
      - Not installing them may cause: doors to bend; damage paintings; and/or damage by rain

    3. Maintenance

      1) Long-term management
    • - Avoid direct sunlight and rainfalls after installment
      - Install porch or canopy if cannot be avoided
      2) Replacements
    • - Replace rubber packings/hinges regularly
      - Regularly spray lubricant(WD40, etc.) on hinges
      3) Cleaning
    • - Use neutral foams(soapy water) and dry immediately
      - Never use organic solvent
      We are not responsible for product damages caused by not installing as the specification indicates.