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Excellent Heat Insulation

1. Composition of Insulation panel

- Excellent insulation of GRP Material itself with Eco-friendly Polyurethane heat insulating material prevents freeze & water condensation.
- There is non-woven fabric with excellent adhesion inside GRP insulated paenl, ensuring shape stability of panel throughout longer time periods.
- GRP insulated panel with 4 layers sturucture ensures excellent insulating effect.
- Thickness of insulated panel: 25mm-33mm.
  • CapacityClassification Temperature of Atmosphere
    16㎥ Single Layer Type25hr20hr13.5hr
    Insulation Type 164hr81hr58.5hr
    1㎥ Single Layer Type11hr6hr 4hr
    Insulation Type 37.5hr23hr13.5hr
  • Drawing of the panel joint part

  • Drawing of the panel corner part