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Watertightness, Drain Capability and Strength of Water Tank

1. Perfect watertight & Drain System

  • - As using foaming type sealant tape which is excellent water proof & force of restitution, maintains perfect non-leakage of the Water tank. The concave drain panel facilitates complete and quick drainage.
  • Type of Sealing TapeCharacteristic
    EVA+PVC Applicable to 50℃
    Butyl+PVC Preventing to Stick PVC
    tape out from GRP Panel

2. Strength & Durability of GRP Water Tank

SectionDesign Standard
Hydrostatic Pressure Water pressure reinforcement 4 times standard
Transformation rate in filled u with water: Less than 1% form water tank heigh
Wind Force Less than 60m/sec
Earthquake Force Stable and safe till magnitude 5.0 (Over magnitude 5.0, it needs additional reinforcement)
Snow load 60Kg/㎡, , Snow fall less than 30cm
Illumination Rate Less than 0.1%
Out-fitForce No leakage under condition of vertical 100Kg after install of 100A fitting with 70mm span supprot
Water Temperature Usable temperature: Less than 30℃, Limited temperature: Max 70℃
Water quality Tap water, well water: chlorine below 50mg/ℓ
Seawater: applicantion Externally Reinforced water tank(max 3m height)